Double Second Place

So at that skating competition a couple of weeks ago I came in 2nd place in both of my events. And I’m pretty happy with this, considering that I had not put in much effort towards getting read.

I think that it was even more impressive because before my dance event, while warming up, some guy accidentally tripped me and I fell hard on the concrete skating surface. Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. I ripped a hole in my outfit, and really banged up my knee, elbow, and wrist.

But despite that, I was able to come in second, and the girl who came in first is a friend of mine, so it is all good. Especially considering the last time I had competed in this event, I came in 7th, against many of the same people.

So that was all good, but now I have to figure out to do with my poor little outfit.

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  1. I guess you’ve already heard all of the tonya harding jokes (was that her name??)…so congratulations in spite of the tripper!

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