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I really hate to think of myself as the kind of person that loves a certain piece of technology. You know the type. Always fooling around with/talking about/showing off their little gadget that no one cares about. Well I’m afraid that I have become that person, at least for one blog post, about one piece of technology. My new iPhone.

I’ve had an iPhone for a while, and always liked it, but never really thought of it as much more than a phone, and I used it for little more. In fact, I mostly used it in the elevator at work to keep from having to talk to people. But beyond that, it really could have been almost any other phone. And part of that is because as it got older, the software kept getting more complicated, but my phone stayed the same speed, so things started getting really slow and pokey. And then the battery stopped holding a charge.

So I was out in California, and decided it was time to upgrade, so I made Phil take me to the Apple store and I got an iPhone 4. And let me tell you, it is just about the best piece of technology that I have ever owned. It was so much faster than my old iPhone, and so I finally can use it without getting frustrated. My applications now open in a timely fashion, so I’m more likely to use them. And some of the more intense games wouldn’t run at all before, and now they blaze away.

Plus, the screen is amazing. I don’t like buying into the marketing hype about a “retina” display, but the screen really is amazing. You can’t see the pixels. It is such a strange and wonderful thing.

Anyway, now that I have this awesome little piece of technology, I find myself using it where before I’d use my laptop. I surf the web on it, keep up with my tech news on it, email on it, facebook on it, listen to music and podcasts on it, read books on it, watch movies and tv on it, and play games on it. About the only things I can’t do from it is real work in the form of programming, or long form composing of any type of writing. It is just too tedious for that.

So yeah. I love my little phone. And if you’re on the fence about whether or not to get one, I’d definitely say you need to get one.

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