We Don’t Watch TV

I catch a lot of grief for this. Probably because I go around and in my best hipster tone say, whenever anyone mentions anything that they have seen on TV, “Oh, we don’t watch TV at our house.” It absolutely drives people insane, which is probably the main reason that I do it. But there is also some merit to the statement. You will notice, however, that my last post was about Downton Abbey, so you’re probably wondering “Hmm, Nathan… How is it that you don’t watch any TV, and yet you have just said you watch a TV show.”

Well, it is simple. Here is how I justify it in my head.

1) It is okay to watch TV Shows. One of my favorite things in the world is Community. And now Downton Abbey. And numerous other shows. Doctor Who. Arrested Development. But the key here, is that I don’t watch them on TV. I’ll watch them on Netflix. Or I’ll download them some other way. And I’ll even watch them on a Television set, but not over the air, or through the cable line.

2) It is okay to watch sports on TV. I watch the Rams every week, and I watch a ton of baseball games over the summer. Those are okay.

So I guess basically it comes down to this. We don’t really sit down and just watch TV for hours on end. And we don’t channel surf. And we really don’t even have any shows that we sit down at a certain time each week to watch.

That’s when I mean when I say “We don’t watch TV.” And I will admit, that is a pretty strange and limited definition, but it is the one that I’m going with for now.


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