As long time readers of this blog will know (and I suspect that assuming there are “readers” is a stretch), a couple of years ago I took a trip to Europe, and had a really lovely time. But it wasn’t completely awesome, because I was there without Kelly, and so another trip was planned, and in May of this year, as a celebration of my 30th birthday, we went to Belgium, the Netherlands, and England.

This trip was even better than the first, not only because of the addition of Kelly, but also because of some of the really awesome things that we did. In Amsterdam we got to experience “Queen’s Day”, which is like Mardi Gras on steroids, except doesn’t feel nearly as sketchy, which is pretty amazing considering it was in Amsterdam. It might be the most fun day that I have ever had.

That is, unless you take another day from later in the trip when we got to see the final game of the season for Sheffield Wednesday, my favorite English soccer team. And it was an incredibly important game in that if they won, they got promoted to the next higher division. And they did win, and it was amazing, and afterwards we celebrated with steak and ale pie, which turned out to be also amazing.

Oh, and we ate a ton of waffles in Belgium, and those were pretty awesome also. Ohhh… and poffertjes. Ohh the poffertjes.

So anyway, Kelly and I really loved it there, and got us thinking and talking. We are pretty settled that we are going to stay in St. Louis for the rest of our lives. It is a good place to live, and we love it here, and it is where large parts of our families are. We are St. Louisans. But wouldn’t it be fun to spend longer than a week or two out of the country? We thought so.

So our crazy “plan” that we are pretty sure is never going to happen, but we can dream, is to try to take a much longer “vacation” to Europe. More like 4 months or so, choosing a home base of sorts and exploring out from there.

The plan relies on two things, though. One is if my our work situations can be molded such that we can either keep working remotely, or take a sabbatical of some sorts. One option will maybe work for me, another for Kelly. The other is our ability to motivate and make sure that everything is in place to make it happen.

I’d put our chances at around 3%. But hey, 3% is enough to dream about.

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  1. One of my life’s greatest achievements is being known as a “long time reader of this blog”.

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