Even though Abby got married on Sunday, she is going to be having another wedding in Cyprus in September. That is where Neo’s family is from, and it would mean a lot to them to get a ceremony over there. I have always been opposed to the idea of going over there for a wedding, because it is kind of expensive, and honestly, Cyprus isn’t on the top of my list of places that I want to go. So I figured that we’d just miss out on that one, and it would be fine.

But then last night we were sitting around, and it smacked me right in the face. Of course we need to go to Cyprus. Why would I turn down a chance to go to Europe? That doesn’t make any sense! And so Kelly and I started planning and scheming. We really only need to be in Cyprus for a few days. Two or three. Which leaves us a good six or seven that we could spend somewhere else in Europe beforehand, and then fly to Cyprus for the wedding before returning home. Sounds like a great plan!

Right now the idea is that we’d fly into Paris or Rome, spend a few days there, before heading to Cyprus, or if we go to Paris, Cyprus via a detour to Brussels. I think that right now we are leaning towards Paris, not only because it is an amazing city, but Kelly hasn’t been there and she speaks French, so it would be a much better fit.

But we are also open to other ideas. I was thinking maybe we could be totally crazy and go to Prague. I mean, why not, right?

Anyway, this is short because there is a game night downstairs, but let me know your thoughts!

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