Tonight Kelly and I wandered to this new restaurant in St. Louis called Pastaria. It is the creation of some famous fellow who has other restaurants that I have not been to. We’ve been wanting to go there for a while, and actually tried a few weeks ago. However when we got there, they told us the wait was going to be 45 minutes, and so we went somewhere else. (Remy’s, which I didn’t love.)

Well tonight we wandered back there, with Kelly’s parents, and her aunt and former uncle (long story). This time we got there early like old people, and only had to wait for around 30 minutes, despite being told that we would have to suffer through a wait more like an hour and a half. So clearly they need to get better estimating skills. But they haven’t been around for that long, so I can forgive them that.

I didn’t get a salad, but everyone else did. I think Kelly liked her, but I’m not sure anyone else did. That will be a theme. We did have some really amazing bread, and some chili oil for it, which actually went over really well, sans chili oil for some.

My main course was a really simple dish of a pasta that was similar to spaghetti, with oil, garlic, and chili oil. It was quite excellent. Kelly got some large elbow pasta with cheese and pepper that was very nice. The aunt and former uncle both got a Bolognese dish, and I’m not sure that they liked it. And Kelly’s parents split a pepperoni pizza. I believe the words “not as good as pizza hut” were mentioned. They were completely wrong. I had a piece, and it was excellent, with a really nice artisan pepperoni. So you can take both opinions and decide, but I would definitely recommend the pizza.

Finally we had some gelato for dessert. Kelly and I shared one salted caramel and one bourbon vanilla. Both were incredible. Definitely the best gelato that we’ve ever had.

So overall it was a really fun dining experience. I’m sorry that the rest of the group didn’t love it was much as we did, but that’s their loss. Kelly and I will definitely be returning.

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